Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a huge part of life at Gateley and trainees play a significant role in this.

Each office elects a charity at the beginning of the financial year to fundraise for. The process is very simple. All Gateley staff members are given an opportunity to nominate a charity. The nominations are then collated and employees from each office vote for the charities nominated for their office. The charity with the highest number of votes then becomes that office’s charity for the year.

This year we are supporting a wide range of charities from Baby Lifeline to Leeds Guide Dogs, which are all very worthy causes. Last year every office nominated Alzheimer’s Society, apart from Leeds which supported the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. All offices run a number of events throughout the year including bake offs, drinks trolleys, sponsored runs, raffles, station collections, breakfast runs and many more. The aim is obvious – to raise as much money for your office charity as possible.

At the start of our second seat, each trainee is elected into a role with certain responsibilities, ranging from social secretary to national or local treasurer and national or local charities representative. Each trainee will perform this role for a year (until the end of our third seat). As national charities representative you are expected to coordinate events in every office such as dress down days at the end of every month. You will also get involved in national CSR programmes such as the ‘Make the Grade Scheme’, providing a mentoring-type service to equip young people with skills to enter the world of work.

All offices also have a trainee who is the local charity representative, responsible for organising and running events in their own office. When it comes to actually running the events, all of the trainees (and often other colleagues) muck in and work together to ensure they are a success. We recently ran a charity breakfast run for the whole of the Birmingham office providing sandwiches, smoothies and porridge!

In addition to the events held in aid of our office charities, Gateley also holds events in aid of Children In Need, Breast Cancer Now and many more. Around Christmas time trainees are particularly active assisting with a Candy Cane Delivery Service, Kids Out Giving Tree and donations to homeless shelters.

First and foremost CSR events are an excellent way to give back to some incredibly deserving causes. Not only that but organising CSR events is also a great way to build on and improve organisational and time management skills, and to get to know everyone around not only your own office, but others as well.

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